How You Can Reach Out to the IRS Without Calling

Posted on August 05, 2013

When the time comes as a company or an individual that we need to get in touch with the IRS, no one gets excited. There are situations where it is best handled by a professional however there are some occasions in which you yourself are able to reach out and have your questions answered. Again for the more urgent matters, get in touch with a professional for help but in other cases, here are some ways to get the answers you need and avoid the rather lengthy phone call to the IRS. This is the agency website and it provides visitors with tools, FAQ pages, and forms with instructions. There is also a link to the IRS tax code through Cornell University.

IRS2Go is a free app for mobile devices that enables users to check their refund status and receive tax updates.

Twitter There are various Twitter accounts to follow for information, updates and advice. Many tax professionals follow these accounts but individuals are welcome to follow and interact; @IRSnews @IRStaxpros @IRSenEspanol. An account that is consumer focused is @YourVoiceAtIRS

YouTube features an official IRS YouTube channel where viewers can access videos with a plethora of information in languages such as English, American Sign Language and several others.

Tumblr features an official IRS page where you can follow and receive current news and tax information.

Facebook. Log into Facebook and “like” the official IRS page. This will automatically update you with the most current news. Everything IRS will be at the touch of a finger. Tax professionals should “like” the Tax Preparer Page for information geared towards their industry.

Podcasts are another way to get tax information without reading. This is audio that is brief and to the point and are available in both English and Spanish.

Subscriptions. Subscribe to various email newsletters with tax news and tips. The information will be sent directly to you.

Original article posted on Fox Business.


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