2013 Tax Tips

Posted on August 21, 2013

The IRS website is a valuable resource for everything taxes. We do our best to make your searching simple and bring the information to you. We have provided links to current 2013 tax tips to make your tax season preparation easier. (Click bold words for links)


Understanding Taxes. Knowing how they work and apply to you can be a tricky task. Use the IRS website to learn everything you need to know and as a reference for future IRS and tax questions.

Amending Tax Returns. Making changes or amending your tax return can be a challenge. These tips will help guide you through the process.

Back to School Tax Tips (Parents & Students). Be aware of all the education tax benefits you are eligible for when paying for school.

Becoming a Tax Volunteer. Being a tax volunteer doesn’t mean volunteering your money to pay for extra taxes (phew!). Tax volunteers are trained individuals who volunteer their free time during tax season to preparing peoples taxes for no cost. It is a great way to help the community and the IRS website has a few tips as to why it’s a good idea to help!

Tax Tips If You Have Moved. Not many people know that in some cases you can deduct some expenses of a move from your taxes. Learn about what you should do if you have moved or plan to move.

Miscellaneous Tax Deductions. Find out what miscellaneous tax deductions can help you this tax season.

Taxpayers Who Owe Taxes. For individuals who have paid taxes yet they still owe, we have provided you some tips.

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