Attorney Praises Sheehan on Representation

Posted on April 09, 2014

Patrick Sheehan is an exceptional human being and a top 1% attorney with extraordinary expertise in tax law. He, and his team of expert attorneys, provided me with exceptional advice and much needed help after my parents died and we faced a number of scary issues with federal and state tax issues. Pat was so kind, and also, he knew his stuff. I had spoken to or met with other so-called “tax attorneys” who claimed to be experts, but they were not. I am an attorney and it was clear Patrick Sheehan really knew the law, was honest and a kind person, too. If you are seeking a true expert in payroll taxes, income taxes, etc… I highly recommend Patrick Sheehan. I am not being paid for this.


Back story

The client’s parents died and the client was heavily involved in their care until their deaths. After the parents died, the client went through their personal effects and discovered that there were IRS matters that had not been handled towards the end of their lives, including unfiled personal tax returns and unpaid liability. Worse yet, the parents had employed caretakers to allow them to continue living in their home, which then resulted in employment tax issues. We obtained IRS transcripts of account for both parents, learned about the unfiled tax returns and the unpaid liability and advised our client about the steps needed to resolve the open issues with the IRS. After implementing our plan, we then negotiated a resolution for both deceased parents with the IRS on behalf of the client.

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