IRS Claims 91.5% Conviction Rate on Tax Prosecutions

The IRS’ Criminal Investigation Division prosecutes tax crimes, including failure to file tax returns, tax and fraud evasion, identity theft, refund fraud, cybercrimes and money laundering.  In the fiscal year 2017, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division initiated 3,019 criminal cases. …

December 06, 2018

IRS Increases Criminal Prosecutions for Failing to Pay Employment Tax

If you are a business owner and have employees, you are required by law to withhold tax from your employees and to pay those funds to the IRS when required to do so by law.  The tax withheld from employees…

November 27, 2016

Can An Individual Be Held Liable For Unpaid Corporate Tax Liability?

In a recent Tax Court case, the sole owner of a corporation took a dividend in excess of $3 million dollars. The corporation’s tax return was audited and additional tax liability was assessed.  Unfortunately, the corporation could not pay the…

November 20, 2014

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