What Should I Do If I Haven’t Paid My Taxes in Years?

Posted on November 21, 2017

I haven’t paid my taxes in several years. What should I do? Is the IRS asleep and has not contacted you? Is the IRS actively taking enforced collection action against you such as levying on your wages or bank accounts?

Either way, you need proper representation before the IRS. If the IRS is leaving you alone, the tax attorneys at The IRS Trouble Solvers® can craft a strategy to solve your problem in a more relaxed fashion.

However, keep in mind that the IRS will not stay asleep forever and will ultimately wake up. If the IRS is taking enforced collection action against you, immediate action is required. If the IRS is levying on your paycheck or bank account, they can take virtually all of that money and apply it against your tax liability. In either event, you should consider hiring a qualified tax professional to represent you before the IRS.

Contact theThe IRS Trouble Solvers® if it’s been years since you paid your last taxes.

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