How the IRS Makes Your Life Miserable If You Owe Back Taxes

Posted on October 14, 2019

Have you received a Notice from the IRS only to leave it on your kitchen counter, desk, or worse, just hide it under a stack of bills?  Unfortunately, those letters from the IRS will just keep coming.  Your problem won’t go away on its own.

If you don’t take action now, the IRS WILL just keep piling on penalties and interest…and interest on top of the penalties… 

The IRS doesn’t like being ignored so this is how they get your attention. They want to be sure you know they are not going away.  It’s like they haunt you with their ongoing letters.  If you don’t respond to them the penalties they tack on is like a club they keep hitting you over the head with.  Penalties are just the beginning of what they can do to your life. 

But that’s just the beginning… 

The IRS has a lot of power over your life.  They not only can freeze your bank accounts—that’s right—but they can seize all the money in your bank accounts too.

They can garnish your wages.  They can legally take as much as 90% of your net pay check. Can you live on 10% of your net pay?  The IRS thinks and expects you can!

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