Innocent Spouse Relief

Posted on November 20, 2013

What happens when you have IRS trouble related to your spouse?

When you’re married you typically file a joint tax return. To the IRS that means that you’re jointly liable with your husband for the liability listed on that tax return and for any additional liability assessed later, particularly in an audit.

Let’s say you’re no longer married to your husband and your husband is self-employed. He could have filed tax returns that weren’t honest and you signed those tax returns. Then, the IRS audits you and sends you a huge bill. Your husband is hard to find because he’s self-employed and you’re easy to find because you’ve got the kids and you’ve got the house.

The IRS will come to you and ask you essentially to pay his tax liability. So what do you do?

There’s something called “innocent spouse.” Innocent spouse is where you can show the IRS that you weren’t involved in your husband’s business, you didn’t know about the unpaid liability, you didn’t know about the cash that he made and you can demonstrate to the IRS that you should not be held responsible for his tax liability.

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