IRS Data Breach

Posted on July 16, 2014

Identity theft has become a growing problem, especially as it relates to the filing of false tax returns.

It’s bad enough when your confidential data is stolen by the loss of your purse or wallet or a data breach.  However, it is worse yet when an IRS employee steals your information. We wrote about this here.

In a recent case, an IRS data entry clerk pled guilty to filing false tax returns, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. The IRS employee filed three fraudulent tax returns  and received over $175,000.00 in fraudulent refunds. The IRS employee also stole 68 tax returns from the Frescno, Calif. IRS Service Center and filed fraudulent tax returns using the stolen information claiming more than $1,745,000.00 in fraudulent refunds. The IRS employee was prosecuted and subsequently pled guilty.

Has your identity been stolen?  Has someone filed a false tax return with the IRS using your name and Social Security Number?

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