IRS Employee Interviews Reveal More about who is Responsible for Tea Party Targeting

Posted on June 03, 2013

With the allegations flowing about the recent Cincinnati IRS employee Tea Party screenings, there are new turns in the case. Originally, it was reported that there was singling out of Tea Party Groups or conservative organizations specifically from Cincinnati, Ohio. When the story first surfaced it was said that although no groups were actually affected by the Tea Party “screenings” we are being made aware of the accusations and that the employees who were part of the targeting would be investigated and the situation would not arise again.

Most recently, the IRS employees from Cincinnati have been interviewed and their responses are sparking additional interest in the topic and confusion as to who actually required the screening of Tea Party Groups and conservative organizations.  As officials dig deeper into the case and interview with various “lower level” employees originally noted responsible, they are finding that those individuals are reporting to have only been doing what they were ordered to from their superiors, ultimately coming from D.C.

To read more about the new allegations and to read actual IRS employee interviews check out the article on Accounting Today.


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