Local Tax Attorney Warns of Loss of Tax Refunds

Posted on March 21, 2018

The time to get your older federal Form 1040 returns in is now. If you haven’t filed your tax return for 2014 with the IRS, the IRS will reject any refund listed because of the refund statute of limitation.

“Generally speaking, a taxpayer has three years from the due date of the tax return to claim a refund for that year, plus any extension,” says local tax attorney Patrick T. Sheehan. “The due date [for] 2014 federal Form 1040 tax returns was April 15, 2015. If an extension was not timely filed, the end of the refund statute of limitation for 2014 is April 17, 2018.” Sheehan encourages anyone who has not yet filed their 2014 returns with the IRS to do so before April 18, 2018, to ensure you recieve your proper refund.

Patrick T. Sheehan is a former IRS attorney, and is the current owner of IRS Trouble Solvers. Mr. Sheehan’s practice focuses on assisting both individuals and businesses with tax disputes before the Internal Revenue Service and the Illinois Department of Revenue.

The IRS recently reported that one million people who should have filed federal tax returns for 2014 did not do so. This left a total of $1.1 billion in unclaimed refunds on the table for that year. It was also estimated that half of the potential refunds for 2014 amounted to $847 or more.

If you file a tax return for 2014 on or after April 17 of this year (and if an extension is not filed on time), you will not recieve any entitled refund. This is particularly applicable to those who have unpaid liabilities for other years; you cannot apply the lost refund to any other year. Sheehan stresses this point to taxpayers. “The application of this law acts to deny refunds to which hard-working Americans are otherwise entitled…. I would rather see these funds go into the pockets of the taxpayers who earned this money instead of being kept by the federal government.”

Sheehan emphasizes the fact that taxpayers lose millions of dollars every year because they did not file their returns on time. “If you have not yet filed your tax return for 2014 or for any other year, please immediately call us,” Sheehan advised. “We can help.”

IRS Trouble Solvers is the largest tax dispute resolution law firm in DuPage County. The company specializes in tax settlement cases and boasts a team of qualified tax defense attorneys. For more information on IRS Trouble Solvers services, call 877-4-IRS-LAW, or contact us online at

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