Notice of Deficiency – 90 Days to File a Petition

Posted on November 27, 2013

What do you do when you receive an IRS notice of deficiency in the mail?

All IRS notices are very important and should never be ignored. Go to the post office to sign for the letters and bring them to me so we can help. Don’t refuse them at the door from the postman because if you do you’re going to get hurt.

There’s something called a notice of deficiency and a notice of deficiency is extremely important because it gives you 90 days to file a petition which is a formal word for a lawsuit, against the IRS in the United States tax court. If you miss this 90 day window, the IRS is going to send you a bill.

If you receive a notice of deficiency it’s important that you file a timely and proper petition in the tax court within that 90 day period and then we litigate the case on your behalf. When I was at the IRS I was in court every day and litigated on behalf of the United States government. Now I do it for tax payers just like you.

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