As a Professional They Saved Me Precious Time and Precious Money

I have been a client of this firm since 2008.  At that time  I had found my office staff member had not been doing the job of managing all my accounts and tax payments and notices. When I discovered the issue, I also found unopened tax letters and just had a levy placed on my accounts.  Imagine the anxiety and near terror I faced with this, to me, an overwhelming  task.

I then tried to work with the IRS, totally frustrating and to no avail, and then found Sheehan and Associates.

My first meeting with Mr. Ray Gaynor was reassuring, not for guarantees but for beginning the process.  Immediately my situation became organized and Mr. Gaynor worked with me for a period of time.  Today I have no tax  issues.  I even recovered monies from IRS mistakes.  As a professional woman they saved me precious time and precious money.  I keep them in mind and have referred several people to them. I trust them implicitly.


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