We Were Dealing With IRS Issues After A Tax Audit

My family and I were dealing with some IRS issues after an audit that went back several years.  We did not know how we were going to deal with the back taxes that were missed or how to even begin.  We could not understand all the letters we started receiving from the IRS.  We turned to Ray Gaynor and his office for help.  Although it took some time for a final resolution, his office kept us apprised of what forms, statements, or information were needed.  He also kept us informed of where our payments to his office were going and for what.  He worked with us during this financial hardship and understood when we had to take a little bit longer to make our payment.  He was able to negotiate a reasonable agreement with the IRS and drew up all of the forms.  All we had to do was sign and a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders.  We are grateful for his assistance and expertise and would recommend him to anyone else we know going through a similar situation.


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