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Posted on February 25, 2014

“Thank you for the wonderful job in resolving our tax issues with the IRS. Your hard work, professionalism and dedication are very much appreciated. You maintained an open communication and always kept us informed via telephone, letter, and email. We made the right decision to seek someone professional and contact your firm to help us get through this difficult situation with the IRS.

You explained all scenarios to us, paid attention to our concerns and made sure we understood any proceedings. Our sleepless nights, stress, and frustration with our IRS tax issues are finally over. We are pleased with the resolution.

We highly recommend Patrick Sheehan and Associates with any tax issues. He is professional, flexible and delivers results.”


Back Story:

Kane County.  The clients’ close relative who also prepared returns for a large national tax return preparation company prepared our client’s tax returns on the side for several years for free.  The tax return preparer took false deductions on the tax returns such as unreimbursed employee expenses, charitable contributions and medical expenses.  These false deductions were taken without our clients’ knowledge and generated huge refunds.  Not surprisingly, the IRS chose to audit their tax returns for 2010, 2011 and 2012.  We represented the clients in the audit and minimized the changes made by the IRS.  Even though the IRS could have assessed huge penalties, including the fraud penalty, we persuaded them to not do so.  After the audit was over, we negotiated an installment agreement for the clients so they could pay their liability to the IRS over time with small monthly payments.

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