Number of IRS Audits Continues to Decline

Do you worry that you will beĀ audited by the IRS? Well, according to recent IRS audit statistics, you may be able to breathe a little easier. It was recently reported that annual IRS audit figures are down again for the…

March 23, 2017

IRS Employee Takes Home 20,000 Other Employees Information

The steady drumbeat of bad news about the IRS continues. An IRS employee recently used an unencrypted thumb drive containing the names, Social Security numbers and addresses of IRS employees, former employees and contracted employees in an unsecured home network,…

April 03, 2014

Identity Theft and the STOP Identity Theft Act

Has your identity been stolen? Has the identity thief filed a fake tax return with the IRS in your name? Identity thieves filed approximately two million false tax returns in 2012, nearly double the amount in 2011. Although the IRS…

March 20, 2014

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