U.S. Treasury and IRS Scam Alert

Posted on November 11, 2014

We’ve warned our readers many times about the IRS tax scams that have circulated. However this time we saw it in our local Elmhurst, IL police blotter:

On October 17, suspicious circumstances were reported by a victim in Elmhurst. She told police that she returned a call to someone that left a voice mail message stating that “enforcement action would be taken by the U.S. Treasury Department” for a criminal offense. The person who answered the phone identified himself as being with the U.S. Treasury Department and that the police were going to her house to arrest her. An officer called the number listed on caller ID, but the person who answered immediately hung up on the officer.

The IRS warns taxpayers about an increasing number of tax scams in communities across the country. 


And although this Forbes article is from March, it’s a great example of how just the thought of an IRS investigation can scare you into a panic.

We want to remind our readers that not only should you be on the lookout, you should educate your non-internet savvy friends and elderly relatives know about the prevalence of tax scams. They are the most vulnerable.

The IRS reminds everyone that they contact taxpayers by mailing an official notice first. They don’t threaten or harass people by phone. Con artists do.

If you’ve been the victim of tax fraud, we can help!


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