When the IRS Contacts You

Posted on April 04, 2013

If you get a letter or notice from the IRS, or if the IRS contacts you by phone, the absolute worst thing you can do is to take no action at all.  IRS letters frequently have deadlines that must be met.  If you don’t timely respond to the IRS letters or return that telephone call, the IRS will assume that you are refusing to cooperate and can take enforced collection action against you.  Enforced collection can include taking all of your money out of your bank accounts, taking virtually all of your pay from your employer and, in extreme cases, towing away your car or seizing your home. Ignoring contact from the IRS will not make them go away.  Rather, ignoring the IRS will simply make things worse.  Do you have an IRS problem?  Has the IRS sent a letter to you or left a telephone message?  Call us, we can help.


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